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How Do I Know Which Size Box to Choose?

Lay your dress on a bed, fold the bodice over the skirt and tuck in the sides. If the dress has a train, fold this back over the skirt before laying the bodice over the top. Press down gently and measure the dimensions of your dress, particularly the height if choosing between the Standard and the Extra Large, or when choosing between the Extra Large and the Hollywood Heights. For the Medium and the Prom size you may need to fold the dress twice. Once at thigh level and again above the waist. 

Will my travel box fit in overhead luggage?

The Wedding Travel Boxes are designed to fit in the overhead luggage compartments of most major airlines. It’s always wise to check ahead of time to ensure your box will fit the requirements of your airline, especially on budget or low-cost carriers. 

How Do I pack my wedding dress in the box?

Every wedding dress box comes with step by step details on how to pack your dress, plus tips on keeping your wedding dress box. We are always happy to help you with particular storage advice. Please see our information video on “How to Pack a dress in a Wedding Dress Box” (click below) It is very important to choose a proper Wedding Dress Box, as just packing your dress with tissue paper in a normal box will not be sufficient.

Will my dress get wrinkled when i travel?

Generally, your dress isn’t in a travel box for very long helping to reduce wrinkling. Some light wrinkles may appear in your dress but there are some really quick fixes. 

Ensure you hang your dress as soon as you arrive at your destination. I find leaving slightly creased items in the bathroom whilst having a hot shower produces enough steam to relax small creases. Most hotels have a laundry service, so you can request a light steam on your dress, or D.I.Y. in your room. Always check your iron on another piece of fabric to ensure there are no blockages and place a light cloth or pillow case over your dress to protect the fabric. Do not directly iron your dress (unless you have otherwise checked with your dress manufacturer)