The top 5 reasons you should include a wedding dress storage and travel box in your wedding plans

Your wedding dress is one of the most significant and symbolic purchases you will make in your lifetime, so it deserves to be looked after and preserved for all time. This is why many brides-to-be buy one of our wedding dress storage and travel boxes, because it allows them to preserve this treasure in perpetuity. However, if you’re not convinced, here’s 5 compelling reasons why you should always get a wedding dress storage and travel box when you get your wedding dress.

1 It keeps your wedding dress from deteriorating over time

If not stored properly, your wedding dress will deteriorate badly over time. In fact, wedding dresses that are simply placed in normal packing boxes or hung up exposed in wardrobes for many years, become very damaged. When finally pulled out into the light of days are years of being stored this way, they are often extensively yellowed, have an old musty smell, and fine stitching rotted away. Considering how much your wedding dress cost you and how symbolic it is to your life, to allow it to decay in this way is tragic.

2 It adds to the décor of that special room in your home

The wedding dress storage and travel boxes that we import directly from Europe are some of the most beautifully designed items you’ve ever laid your eyes on. So much so that they can be placed with other room décor to compliment it, and even become a centerpiece of a room dedicated to your family memories and special events. Many brides who have purchased our wedding dress storage and travel boxes to store their wedding dresses have said they it would feel right to place them into a cupboard or wardrobe, simply because they are so beautiful and finely crafted.

3 It’s a great conversation piece when you have visitors

When used as a décor item, your wedding dress storage and travel box is also a great conversation starter with guest and visitors to your home, as they are so unique and stunning that they immediately draw the eye. In just moments, you’ll be reliving your ceremony with company that has dropped by, relating all the day’s events that unfolded leading to the placing of your dress into such an elegant storage item.

4 It makes a great gift option for invited guests

A wedding dress storage and travel boxes is also a must-have item to put on your gift registry, not only because it gives your invited guest and unique and special gift to purchase for you, but because it also serves a highly functional and much needed purpose. Wedding guests of discerning tastes are always looking to get that special gift that will set them apart from the crowd and get your attention at the opening, and in this regard, one of our wedding dress storage and travel boxes really fits the bill.

5 It’s a great heirloom to hand down to your own daughter when she gets married

Perhaps most importantly, by storing your precious wedding dress in one of our wedding dress storage and travel boxes, you guarantee that you have created the perfect family heirloom to hand onto your own daughter, or other close family member, on the day she marries. What a great way to start a family tradition of handing down that beautiful wedding dress from other to daughter over the generations.

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